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Since I was not really able to find any listings of the GCodes, supported by Prusa MMU2, I got down into the sourcecode to find out whats possible and what it does.

GCode Comment
Tn Load filament n into extruder (extrude at least 38.10 mm at feedrate 19.02 mm/s must follow immediately t...

A long time ago, Prusa uploaded a nice guide on how to get a cheap enclosure for your printer.

How to build a simple, cheap enclosure for your 3D printer

There, they showed 2 options, either a Ikea Lack enclosure or a Pop-Up Tent.

The Lack enclosure has the drawback, that it takes up a lot of...

In my search for more interesting filament, today's experiment is Taulman Alloy 910

Since my Mk3 is equipped with an E3D NozzleX, I had to choose my temperatures a bit higher.

Profile: Chris' MK3 Pretty PETG

Filament: 260°C / 265°C

Bed: 45°C

Most importantly: YOU NEED GLUESTICK ON THE...

...nothing to see here