Prusa MMU2 GCodes

Since I was not really able to find any listings of the GCodes, supported by Prusa MMU2, I got down into the sourcecode to find out whats possible and what it does.

GCode Comment
Tn Load filament n into extruder (extrude at least 38.10 mm at feedrate 19.02 mm/s must follow immediately to load to extruder wheels)
T? Show Menu "Choose Filament", Gcode to extrude shouldn't have to follow, load to extruder wheels is done automatically
Tx Same as T?, except nozzle doesn't have to be preheated. Tc must be placed after extruder nozzle is preheated to finish filament load.
Tc Load to nozzle after filament was prepared and extruder nozzle is already heated
M403 set filament type (material) for particular extruder and send this information to mmu, currently three different materials are needed (default, flex and PVA)

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